The Top 10 Best English Songs of 2019

No matter what genre of music is playing the most, there is something for everyone to listen to. Its almost as if, year after year, artists and musicians try to one-up there previous songs. This is the beautiful thing about the current state of the music industry, healthy competition has resulted in some amazing and catchy tunes. As for the year 2019, nothing has changed. In fact, this year has played some of the most diverse music in terms of music genre. From hip-hop to rock and pop, 2019 is off to a strong start and we are not even half way through the year. With all of that being said, here is the list of English top ten songs 2019, so far.

#10.) Sharon Van Etten: “Seventeen”
Sharon Van Etten really brings it in this song. Singing a powerful message about self-examination, the song “Seventeen” can speak to just about anyone.


#9.) Noname ft. Phoelix: “Song 31”
“Song 31” has more of a political message than any song currently playing. In a bold move, Noname raps about effects of not being independent. This one is definitely for all ears.


#8.) Normani & Sam Smith: “Dancing With a Stranger”
Who doesn’t love Sam Smith? Well, in “Dancing With a Stranger, Sam is accompanied by Normani to cheerful tune meant mostly for couples.


#7.) Hozier: “Almost”
In “Almost”, Hozier brings what he has brought in every other song before, a catchy and addictive song that’s full and whole. This is another tune meant for everyone’s ears.


#6.) Kehlani ft. Ty Dolla $ign: “Nights Like This”
“Nights Like This” is probably brings the most successful mix of artist styles on this list. Both Ty Dolla $ign & Kehlani create a unique sound for the entire song.


#5.) Billie Eilish: “Bury a Friend”
Billie Eilish is really the next big star in the music industry. Yet again, Billie manages to use her grungy style and angelic voice to produce another hit in “Bury a Friend.


#4.) Jamila Woods: “Zora”
Jamila Woods breaks into the music industry with her first single in “Zora”. This song really sets the tone for what is sure to be an amazing first album.


#3.) James Blake ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin: “Mile High”
With Metro Boomin’s well-known trap style beats, in addition to the vocals of James and Travis, “Mile High” is one of the more catchier songs on this list.


#2.) Cardi B and Bruno Mars: “Please Me”
Cardi B is really on a roll since she broke into the music scene. Paired together with Bruno Mars in “Please Me” the result is what we all expected from both artists.


#1.) Summer Walker: “Riot”
In what has the potential to be an early candidate for song of the summer, “Riot” by summer Walker is a slower song that hits on all of the right spots.

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