Bloodborne Review

Bloodborne was created exclusively for PlayStation 4 by Sony Entertainment by the same developers that brought you Dark Souls, and they have really outdone themselves. This is a dark and terrifying journey through a gothic style landscape filled with psychotic deranged characters along with a healthy dose of bizarre creatures such as the messengers. These creepy little skeletal characters are featured throughout the game around lampposts and in birdbaths, but thankfully, they are friend and not foe. Messengers adore hunters and can be found holding glowing scrolls that bear important messages for you, hence their name.

Bloodborne is an action adventure role-playing game with a horror chaser and is centered on the player’s quest for a specific blood. You see the inhabitants of Yharnam have unlocked the secret of healing through the blood by communing with beings they call the Great Ones. Unfortunately, for them, the Great Ones decided to bring a little great one into the world and to do so released a bloodborne illness among the people that transformed them into bizarre beast like creatures, whom you get to battle your way through on your quest.

To Play or Not?

Action adventure RPG’s with a good dash of horror are really nothing new, recently there has been quite an upswing in zombie related games such as The Last of Us. One thing that sets this game apart is the historical gothic feel and the overall storytelling, not to mention the three alternative endings. If you are new to the genre, you should be prepared for graphic blood and gruesome enemies to battle. At the end of the day if you are ready for a quest into the nightmare world, with the option for some multiplayer action, Bloodborne is an excellent choice just try not to go “mad” on your hunter’s journey.

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